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If you have any plans to ship some of your products from China, ePacket delivery is one of the most common options to do so. It's becoming rather typical for online stores and many types of business owners to purchase products from outside of their own country. One of those countries is China. There are a wide variety of reasons that China has become a leader in manufacturing, but much of it has to do with low costs and highly specialized workers.

Therefore it makes sense that you, as an online business owner, may want to source some of your products from China and ship them to your own country.

As mentioned, ePacket delivery is one of your shipping options when purchasing or dropshipping from China. If you have no idea what an ePacket is, or you would like to learn more about the pros and cons, this is the article for you. Keep reading to learn more about ePacket delivery. We'll cover everything from the basics of an ePacket to why you might want to implement this type of shipping for your own business.

We'll also give you some tips on how to maximize efficiency and minimize costs of ePacket delivery. As we talked about in the introduction, an ePacket is a type of shipping option only offered by sellers in China and Hong Kong.

Although the arrangement is between the USPS and the Hong Kong Post, sellers from China can actually ship their products to a wide variety of other countries. Image credits: hobvias sudoneighm. In addition, the package can't weigh more than 4. One of the other reasons the ePacket system was developed is to provide faster and less expensive shipping and delivery from China.

In the past, it could get extremely expensive to ship out of China, not to mention the additional costs like customs. China EMS used to be the primary shipping solution when sending items out of China. It was a slow and tedious process that often took a few months for delivery to other countries. Overall, both Hong Kong and China, along with online businesses around the world, have benefited drastically from ePacket delivery.

An ePacket delivery isn't much different than a standard package, except a few problems were removed from the process. For instance, ePackets come with start to finish tracking. The local postal services will then deliver the items as usual, and the customer is able to use that tracking code on whichever website they would typically use for their local Postal Service.

The same code would work on the EMS website for Chinese customers. The majority of ePackets are sent out from larger marketplaces like eBay and AliExpress. Having said that, pretty much any vendor from China can also send out an ePacket if they want. Finally, the entire shipping price also incorporates the return of undeliverable goods. This means that if a customer doesn't receive an item for whatever reason, it gets sent back to the seller without any additional cost.

This makes for easier and more cost-effective refunds in general. It's important to realize that ePacket delivery is not for everyone. Some companies will find that there are extreme geographic limitations or that their products are far too expensive or heavy to ship through an ePacket. Having said that, there are also plenty of advantages for companies that want to send out products by using ePackets.

So, let's go over the pros and cons of ePacket delivery so that you know if your online business can take advantage of it. One of the main reasons you might consider ePacket delivery is if you want to dropship products to your customers. Dropshipping has become a fairly popular form of selling, where you partner with manufacturers who create, store, and ship all of your products directly to your customers.

Therefore, you only have to run your online store and whatever other business elements you have to deal with.Easy ePacket focuses on ePacket shipping delivery from China. If you want to save on the cost of delivering packages, the best way is to send them through the ePacket provided by the national postal Service. Preferential prices for small packages. Enhance the competitiveness of e-commerce. Free warehousing. With the development of the Internet, more and more enterprises are transporting goods via ePacket, and all shippers are fighting for their business.

In short, the options offered by ePacket can benefit the enterprise, depending on the level of service required. Postal services have improved the lives of many people. It has also developed everything from the communications, transportation and transportation industries to advanced and progressive to better serve you.

For any of your postal needs, it may be commercial and personal, and easy ePacket can provide you with the right solutions and innovations. It is a approach can reduce costs and increase competitiveness. Now the security of ePacket has improved, the loss rate of parcels has been reduced. During ePacket processyou can use the tracking tool to monitor where your parcel are.

No doubt, it is a good and safety option. Easy ePacket is a professional supplier of small parcel transportation. We access the service network of major postal and courier companies, and we integrates the global Logistics network and realizes 24 hours of all-round tracking to ensure the package.

So we can provide customers with safe and timely door-to-door logistics services.

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Our service network spans more than countries and regions around the world, and we offer more than 2, flights for your e-commerce to make international logistics more efficient and convenient than ever before. These postal packages contain both surface and registered mail service, especially suitable for online sellers sending lightweight, smaller items. As a reliable and professional freight company, we is one of the basic steps to make the import and export business a success.

Today, you will face a lot of things, all of which are important players in ensuring that not only the consignee, but also the shipping company is fully satisfied with the business.

At some point, parcel shipping companies must be hired and all requirements met to make the transport a success. You need our services to ship the goods from one place to another. In the process of fulfilling your goods order, we are involved in making things easy.

Depending on your needs and the nature of the goods, there are different requirements for your parcel transportation.

Therefore, our goal is to provide customized solutions to meet the diverse needs and save you time. We can all provide a wide range of logistics services, including the processing of paperwork, the transportation of goods to the delivery of goods.

We have trained professionals to provide door-to-door solutions for any type of shipment. The diversity of our business satisfies you in the whole process.It is a method of package delivery, designed and utilized by a large number of e-commerce China and Hong Kong sellers. It has been created in order to make cross border deliveries of small and light weight items possible at an affordable price via air transportation. Since a large number of businesses are moving online with the aim to trade globally, the ePacket shipping methods such as China EMS have made the purchase of products from China easier for the worldwide consumers.

Where consumers worldwide range up to 35 regions place their order with either a Chinese or Hong Kong merchant, receiving via ePacket delivery offers to the customers an option for tracking without paying any extra cost.

This means that the consumers can easily look for their parcel on the official websites including China EMS. Where a mail remains undelivered, one cannot track the package delivery. In such a case, the vendor would have no issue in returning the amount paid for the parcel.

With regards to the delivery time China EMS ePacket takes, it entirely depends on the destination of the package, i. Other matters that are considered or kept in mind include the holidays that come in between and the customs as everything varies. Comparatively to various other shipping options available within China and Hong Kong, making use of China EMS ePacket shipping is referred to as a more consistent, yet reliable option.

How to Get 4 DAY Shipping From Aliexpress

When a shipment is booked for the US, it may take working days for the China EMS shipping while for the other countries the time of delivery may exceed. The core reason becomes the fact that the parcel takes almost half of the time in reaching the destination while the other half is normally spent in routing towards the proper facilities. When the status of the China EMS ePacket delivery shows that it is being dispatched from the sorting center, it clearly means that the product would be delivered to any sorting center where the security check would be performed and then be delivered to the desired destination.

Upon tracking the order, it can be understood that the company ensures its maintained reputation prior to having it delivered to the end customer.

In case the buyer parcel is mixed with bigger parcels and the sorting center finds out, it would be returned back to the postal office. Another reason behind could be the sensitive nature of the item or product that again requires a security check prior to being delivered to the desired destination. One of them is to use the search bar on ship24 or to use the courier official website, depending on where shipment is in progress. Concerning the China EMS package tracking, it is sometimes unbelievingly fast and other times a bit slow.

Until the delivery takes place, the parcels can have different status. The buyer can find different types of status while tracking his China EMS package:. Note: If you are unable to track your order from the official website, you can track it online with Ship24 package tracking solution.

The China EMS tracking number may vary from express shipment to logistic shipment. It is also possible to track a China EMS epacket thanks to a phone tracking method where customers contact the hotline at to discover the current status of their shipment or choose to opt for a counter tracking method.

It is a reliable express service where the customer has the possibility to inquire about the China EMS shipping time limit and ask for a refund if the delivery is received after the delivery time limit. This service is exactly the same as the Domestic Express Service, the customer can ask for a refund if the China EMS delivery time limit is exceeded.

This third option is provided by China Postal Express Logistics as the two first ones.You can find detailed instructions about how to use ePacket on ebay from ebay official website. You should print the shipping labels by yourself. Can you get Coronavirus from a package delivered from China?

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China Import and Export Regulations How long does it take to ship via China Post? Wrong parcel address. How to change it? Track Your Package Tracking! How to Ship. EPacket Shipping. Epacket work in china? New prices of epacket shipping. How to use epacket from china? What address needed for epacket shipping to Saudi Arabia? How to start using epacket shipping? I am from USA now in China. Is Epacket shipping to Brazil normally?

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Submit Reset. Submited Failed. Recommended Articles Can you get Coronavirus from a package delivered from China? Why can't I track my China Post package? How do I track a package from China? Read more! Hot Topics Arrive at the "United States" level two processing center 83 replies. Where is my package?

Call China Post 61 replies. Scammer from China sends unwanted parcels to European People! Shanghai, delivered to air transport 51 replies.Hey Lee, I also have purchased some of the same ebikes on Dhagte. It seems to good to be true. Have you by chance received your bike yet?

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Hey Lee, I have also ordered a few of the ebikes I believe you are referring to. Have you by chance received anything yet? Yes it's a scam. Check out my detailed list of scam dhgate sellers on trustpilot and reddit under the title DHgate electric bicycle scam. Can you get Coronavirus from a package delivered from China? China Import and Export Regulations How long does it take to ship via China Post?

Wrong parcel address. How to change it? The seller sent it via ePacket. It seems too big, too heavy to ship via ePacket in one package. Now the seller has closed their store on DHgate with no communication.

I am concerned the seller sent me something else to try and scam me with tracking evidence showing "the bike" was delivered. Can you find out the actual weight of the item being shipped with tracking number LYCN? Any information regarding this shipment is appreciated. Thank you in advance. Track Your Package Tracking!

Actual weight of the item already shipped via ePacket? How is weight calculated? Is the package being shipped via boat or Aircraft? Did my item leave China yet? My epacket was stuck for more than 10 days? Stuck at Despatch centre.

Track & Trace China Post Package

Epacket discount?However, packages cannot currently be shipped to overseas territories, including Corsica, Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, Reunion, St. Pierre and Miquelon and Mayotte. Source: China Post ePacket Fees and Regulations link in Chinese and changes sometimes; let us know if the link is out-of-date.

Need to ship to countries not supported by ePacket? Not a problem. We use multiple shipping services and cover every single country around the world!

Just let us know if you want to ship to countries not supported by ePacket and we'll provide you pricing accordingly. Their ePacket service is only for packages that originate in the US.

All this information was published by China Post link in Chinese and changes sometimes on May 2nd and is accurate as of June However, they can update this information without prior notice. We try our best to keep this page up-to-date but reach out to us for confirmation before taking any action based on the information here. I've been helping companies grow in the e-commerce space for almost a decade. I've saved companies countless hours of work and, most importantly, helped them significantly improve their bottom line.

That said, ePacket Express was I was using ePackets to ship my own products from China when I realized that there were a lot of other entrepreneurs out there that wanted to use the service but couldn't. Since I already had the infrastructure in place to manage inventory and ship packages, I figured it would be nice to help my fellow entrepreneurs with their logistics. And here we are now.

We offer some services that can ship to Iraq. Hi, Is there any plans to extend epacket services to India in the near future? That would be much appreciated by the entrepreneur community. I do know that China Post is always working on expanding the list of countries that they can serve via ePacket.

We have some good news! There is a new option for shipping to India. I will send you the details in an email. Of course, I will send you details in an email. You can also check our blog post about eCourier services for shipping from China to India. Thank you for reaching out! In order for us to send you the quotation that suits your business needs the best, we just need some information about your products.

Please submit a quoteand someone from our team will contact you as soon as possible. Please send us a quote request and someone from our team will reach out to you with all the details via email for shipping to India.

Please submit a quote request and someone from our team will contact you via email with all the details. We just need some information about your products so we can give you the best possible quotation. Please submit a quote request and someone from our team will reach out to you with all the info about shipping from China to India. I have hundreds of small merchandises I need ship to individual US customers. My China office is in Shanghai, the items are ozs by weight. Would you advise me how to start?Seems like this one is one of the most popular for international shipments from China.

I like to have all in one place. This postal service works well for me. The only thing I do not like about them is a poor website. It is absolutely useless as every second time I order something and track it, the updates come with significant delays. So it is like not having tracking at all. I like shopping there as there are so many nice and cheap goods. I have been looking for a cheap postal service as well because I need delivery to France.

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This is a super nice company for tracking from China. My parcel came ahead. The delivery price was pretty cheap as for international service. But the China EMS tracking works badly on their official website.

It is better to track it here if you want to know for sure when to expect your parcel.

What Is ePacket Delivery?

In me case, my shipment was still in process on the website when I had already received it. Things like that. China EMS online tracking is wrong! But this site also helps me to track them in other countries. Thank you! So, I track everything here! This site helped me to stay in the loop with all my China EMS pakcages. China EMS, specialized in internal and international express mail, represents the biggest logistics provider available in 31 provinces of China. An important feature of the company is that it guarantees reliable and quick delivery of goods using courier services.

China EMS package tracking is easy and convenient for a resident of any place on the globe — you can do it on the main site or through a mobile application. China EMS package may be also referred as ePacket. Cooperating with numerous online stores, company has developed a convenient system for tracking postal items to any country — China EMS tracking service. To track the ePacket you need to know the EMS China number, resembling the international tracking code.

The China EMS tracking number format consists of a combination of letters and numbers. First couple of letters signifies type and method of parcel sending parcel, then there are 9 digits, and last two letters — CN, meaning China. Most often, after order payment, the China EMS number is emailed to given address.

The company has developed a convenient notification system — information about changes of the package location is sent via email or SMS. This allows you to save a lot of time and eliminates the need to repeatedly check the site. Order tracking services are provided for free, and the application launches on any smartphone with Android and iOS platforms. Information about the parcel is submitted from the moment of purchase payment right until the delivery is confirmed; the previous orders history is also preserved.

The company has been operating for almost 30 years, accumulating experience and constantly improving its service. Regular customers of online stores usually prefer courier delivery, since the overpayment for ePacket is insignificant. Testimonials Register or Use a social log in:.