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Bann Norbert Aping. If you are using a browser that does not support frames, use the browser buttons to navigate back to the main menu. The son of a British showman, Stan Laurel had been raised in English music halls. In he made his first trip to America as a member of the Fred Karno musical-comedy troupe, which also included Charlie Chaplin. Laurel stayed in the United States, touring in vaudeville and landing an occasional movie job.

Oliver Hardy had been destined for a military career, but opened a movie theater in Milledgeville, Georgia, instead. He next found work as an actor in Jacksonville, Florida, home of the Lubin film company. Hardy later moved to Hollywood, and by the mid s, he was working as an all-purpose comic at the Hal Roach studio.

Laurel and Hardy's partnership at the Hal Roach studio began in Within a year of their first joint appearance, they were being touted as the new comedy team. After collaborating on many silent films, they took the transition to the talking film in stride. As their success spread throughout the world, they began making feature films as well and won an Oscar for their short subject entitled "The Music Box" After the team left the Hal Roach studio, they formed their own production company but were unable to repeat the success they had enjoyed under the guidance of Hal Roach.

From they made eight feature films - six for Fox and two for MGM.

stan laurel

Unlike many other silent film actors, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy adapted with ease to talking in movies, practically paying no attention to this new component of their work. Happily, their voices matched their screen personalities. And sound effects greatly aided their talking films. So did the wonderful, peppy, period background music. The Boys were then able to punctuate their physical and visual comedy with catch phrases long familiar to fans who smile when they hear variants of such lines as these:.

Hardy, and this is my friend, Mr. During the s they appeared separately in a number of silent shorts for the Hal Roach Studios.See the entire gallery. Sign In. Stan Laurel โ€” Actor Writer Soundtrack. Down this week. Stan Laurel came from a theatrical family, his father was an actor and theatre manager, and he made his stage debut at the age of 16 at Pickard's Museum, Glasgow.

He traveled with Fred Karno 's vaudeville company to the United States in and again in While with that company he was Charles Chaplin 's understudy, and he performed imitations Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. Celebrity Doppelgangers.

Share this page:. Top 25 Actors: Top Comedians. Do you have a demo reel? Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of Stan Laurel's work have you seen? Which of these pictures makes you LOL? Known For. Sons of the Desert Stan Laurel. Saps at Sea Stan. March of the Wooden Soldiers Stannie Dum. Short Stan.By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Stan Laurel was born and raised in Ulverston, Lancashire with his two brothers and a sister and is known as a comic actor, writer and movie director. After completing the school studies, Stan moved to Glasgow, Scotland and completed his study from Rutherglen Academy. His father was an actor and a theater manager, so he was always intrigued by the theater acts. Stan made his stage debut at Pickard's Museum, Glasgow at the age of Stan considered Dan Leno his childhood hero who was one of the greatest British music hall comedians.

Stan Laurel entered into movies after making his first movie in entitled Nuts in May. Stan made numerous movies afterward. After retiring from movies, Stan again got into stage acting and toured England giving away stage shows. He is known to have married five times and had two children. Mae Dahlberg was an actress who worked in silent Hollywood movies.

She was a music hall as well. Stan was in relationship with her for about six years. Lois Neilson was also a silent actress in American movies. Virginia was an American actress known for her work in Sons of the Desert. Stan was married to her for three years and then got divorced. They did not have any children. Stan and Vera Ivanova Shuvalova had a troubled marriage. They had frequent fights leading to divorce.

Virginia Ruth Rogers was an American actress. Stan married her again after getting divorced previously. They were married for five years and got separated again. Lois Laurel was born in Beverly Hills, California. Home Biography Stan Laurel. Stan Laurel Affairs. Stan Laurel Married. Stan Laurel Children. Stanley Robert Laurel was the second son of Stan who died nine days after his birth. Related biography. June 16 United Kingdom.Stan Laurel born Arthur Stanley Jefferson ; 16 June โ€” 23 February was an English comic actor, writer, and film director who was part of the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy.

Laurel began his career in music hallwhere he developed a number of his standard comic devices, including the bowler hatthe deep comic gravity, and the nonsensical understatement. His performances polished his skills at pantomime and music hall sketches. He appeared with his comic partner Oliver Hardy in the film short The Lucky Dog inalthough they did not become an official team until late Laurel and Hardy ranked top among best double acts and seventh overall in a UK poll to find the Comedians' Comedian.

He was one of five children. His parents were both active in the theatre and always very busy. In his early years, Laurel spent much time living with his maternal grandmother, Sarah Metcalfe. He moved with his parents to GlasgowScotland, where he completed his education at Rutherglen Academy.

His father managed Glasgow's Metropole Theatrewhere Laurel began work. His boyhood hero was Dan Lenoone of the greatest English music hall comedians. Their act, which involved them dressing as Romans, finished when Laurel was offered a spot in an American touring troupe. The correspondence, spanning around 50 years and including photos of them being reunited in the US, was put up for auction by Mr Desmond's grandson Geoffrey Nolan in He joined Fred Karno 's troupe of actors in with the stage name of "Stan Jefferson"; the troupe also included a young Charlie Chaplin.

The music hall nurtured him, and he acted as Chaplin's understudy for some time. He just taught us most of it". He was not called up; his registration card states resident alien and deafness as exemptions.

The Karno troupe broke up in the spring of On the advice of booking agent Gordon Bostockthey call themselves "the Keystone Trio".

stan laurel

Stan started to do his character as an imitation of Charlie Chaplin and the Hurleys began to do their parts as silent comedians Chester Conklin and Mabel Normand. They played successfully from February through Octoberuntil the Hurleys and Stan parted ways. Amongst other performers, Laurel worked briefly alongside Oliver Hardy in the silent film short The Lucky Dog[8] before the two were a team.

It was around this time that Laurel met Mae Dahlberg. Around the same time, he adopted the stage name of Laurel at Dahlberg's suggestion that his stage name Stan Jefferson was unlucky, due to it having thirteen letters.

After making his first film Nuts in MayUniversal offered him a contract.

Laurel \u0026 Hardy - Funniest Clip

The contract was soon cancelled during a reorganisation at the studio. Among the films in which Dahlberg and Laurel appeared together was the parody Mud and Sand. ByLaurel had given up the stage for full-time film work, under contract with Joe Rock for 12 two-reel comedies. The contract had one unusual stipulation: that Dahlberg was not to appear in any of the films. Rock thought that her temperament was hindering Laurel's career.

Inshe started interfering with Laurel's work, so Rock offered her a cash settlement and a one-way ticket back to her native Australiawhich she accepted. Pyckle and Mr. Pryde and Half a Man Laurel next signed with the Hal Roach studio, where he began directing films, including a production called Yes, Yes, Nanette in which Oliver Hardy had a part under the name "Babe" Hardy.

It had been his intention to work primarily as a writer and director. Because he was unable to work on the scheduled film, Get 'Em YoungLaurel was asked to return to acting to fill in. The two became friends and their comic chemistry soon became obvious.

Roach Studios' supervising director Leo McCarey noticed the audience reaction to them and began teaming them, leading to the creation of the Laurel and Hardy series later that year. Laurel and Hardy successfully made the transition to talking films with the short Unaccustomed As We Are in Stan Laurel came from a theatrical family, his father was an actor and theatre manager, and he made his stage debut at the age of 16 at Pickard's Museum, Glasgow.

He traveled with Fred Karno 's vaudeville company to the United States in and again in While with that company he was Charles Chaplin 's understudy, and he performed imitations of Chaplin. On a later trip he remained in the United States, having been cast in a two-reel comedy, Nuts in May not released until His first two-reeler with Oliver Hardy was 45 Minutes from Hollywood Their first feature-length starring roles were in Pardon Us Their work became more production-line and less popular during the war years, especially after they left Roach and MGM for Twentieth Century-Fox.

Their last movie together was The Bullfighters except for a dismal failure made in France several years later Utopia In he was given a special Oscar "for his creative pioneering in the field of cinema comedy".

He died five years later. His father was a vaudeville performer and this led Arthur to being a stage performer too. He didn't get much schooling and this led to the joining of Fred Karno 's Troupe where Arthur understudied the future star, Charles Chaplin. In they went on a tour to America where Chaplin remained, but Stan went straight back to England.

In he returned to the States and did an impersonation of Charlie Chaplin and the act was called "The Keystone Trio" and it was quite successful. In Stan made his first movie entitled Nuts in May and at the first screening among the people in the audience were Chaplin himself and producer Carl Laemmle who were both impressed. This led onto more short comedies with such greats as Gilbert M.

Stan now changed his surname to Laurel thus given the name Stan Laurel. In Laurel had in fact appeared in a film called The Lucky Dog with an actor in the cast by the name of Babe Hardy. They formed a friendship but not a very good one. Stan later said they did not see each other for another 2 or 3 years.

It was in that Hardy and Laurel had met again at the Hal Roach studios and at that point in time Laurel was directing movies at the studio with Hardy in the cast for a couple of years. In they began appearing together but not yet as a team.

One of the directors at the Hal Roach studio known around the world as director of such great movies The Bells of St. They made films for another 20 years. Sign In.

Stan Laurel Biography

Edit Stan Laurel. Showing all items. Usually played a childishly innocent man who always looked up to his good friend Oliver Hardywhether it was deserved or not.

Common schticks included crying in cases of great predicaments, taking instructions literally at all times and mixing up his lines. He and Hardy often had a scene in their films where they would get into a fight with another person that consisted solely of destroying property. The duo would destroy something the opponent values while the opponent looks on and does not resist. When they are done, the opponent does the same to them, while they refrain from resisting, and so on.Stan Laurel, the skinny and bewildered half of the famed Laurel and Hardy comedy team, died Tuesday of a heart attack.

When his best buddy Oliver Hardy died, Stan Laurel refused to act in another film

He was An invalid since he had a stroke inthe lovable comic suffered a heart seizure Monday night and the fatal attack at p. His wife, Ida, and a nurse were at his side when he died in his small apartment at Ocean Ave.

John H. Parrott, said the first attack was so severe that Laurel could not be moved to a hospital. However, the comedian was conscious when Dr.

Parrott saw him Tuesday morning. Hardy, the fat and pompous know-it-all, and Laurel, the sad-eyed, squeaky-voiced simpleton, were the most successful comedy duo in movie history.

Laurel, living in semi-seclusion the last 10 years, never stopped getting fan mail from all over the world.

stan laurel

His long-lived popularity was due largely to showings of Laurel and Hardy films on television, but Laurel refused to watch such televised shows. Laurel and Hardy made their movies for a flat salary and were left empty-handed when their work continued to reap millions.

In recent years, Laurel was confined to his modern, unpretentious, one-bedroom apartment overlooking the Pacific Ocean. He received a small pension from the Screen Actors Guild. You know my hobbyโ€”and I married them all. Laurel married four women a total of eight times and had a fifth sue to be declared his wife.

His marriages brought him a series of legal squabbles in the s. He had a daughter, now Mrs. Brooks by his first marriage. Brooks, of Tampa Ave. Those who knew him in his final years recall a white-haired man with a polka-dot bowtie, a quick wit and a loud belly-laugh.

He made his stage debut playing a newsboy at the age of 7. At 15, he toured Europe with a song-and-dance act. The troupe arrived in New York in on a cattle boat and Laurel toured with them for three years before entering vaudeville.

He made his first silent picture in but it was inwhen he was directing comedy shorts for Hall Roach, that Laurel was asked to replace a sick actor in a skit with an overweight comic called Ollie Hardy. There was more ethics then, hence more creativity. Get all the day's most vital news with our Today's Headlines newsletter, sent every weekday morning.

You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. Yuki Llewellyn, a child of Manzanar whose image touched America, dies at An image of her 2-year-old self sitting on a suitcase at Union Station, waiting for a train to take her to the internment camp, resonated for decades. USC Sports. Hot Property. About Us. Brand Publishing.Oliver Norvell Hardy born Norvell HardyJanuary 18, โ€” August 7, was an American comic actor and one half of Laurel and Hardythe double act that began in the era of silent films and lasted from to He appeared with his comedy partner Stan Laurel in short films, feature films, and cameo roles.

In most of his silent films before joining producer Hal Roachhe was billed on screen as " Babe Hardy. The elder Oliver Hardy assisted his father in running the vestiges of the family cotton plantation following the Civil War. He then bought a share in a retail business and was elected full-time Tax Collector for Columbia County, Georgia.

The elder Hardy and Norvell married March 12, ; it was her second marriage and his third. The family moved to Madison, Georgia in before Norvell's birth. His father died less than a year after his birth. Hardy was the youngest of five children. His older brother Sam drowned in the Oconee River ; Hardy pulled him from the river but was unable to resuscitate him. As a child, Hardy was sometimes difficult.

He was sent to Georgia Military College in Milledgeville as a youngster. Inwhen he was 13, he was sent to Young Harris College in north Georgia fall semester. He had little interest in formal education, although he acquired an early interest in music and theater. He joined a theatrical group and later ran away from a boarding school near Atlanta to sing with the group. His mother recognized his talent for singing and sent him to Atlanta to study music and voice with singing teacher Adolf Dahm-Petersen.

As a teenager, Hardy began styling himself "Oliver Norvell Hardy", adding the first name "Oliver" as a tribute to his father.

stan laurel

He appeared as "Oliver N. Hardy" in the U. Hardy was initiated into Freemasonry at Solomon Lodge No. InThe Palace, [3] a motion picture theater, opened in Hardy's hometown of Milledgeville, and he became the projectionist, ticket taker, janitor and manager. He soon became obsessed with the new motion picture industry and was convinced that he could do a better job than the actors that he saw. A friend suggested that he move to Jacksonville, Floridawhere some films were being made, which he did in He worked in Jacksonville as a cabaret and vaudeville singer at night, and at the Lubin Manufacturing Company during the day.

It was at this time that he met Madelyn Saloshin, a pianist whom he married on November 17, in Macon, Georgia. The next year, he made his first movie Outwitting Dad for the Lubin studio, billed as O. In his personal life, he was known as "Babe" Hardy, and he was billed as "Babe Hardy" in many of his later films at Lubin such as Back to the Farm He was a big man, standing 6-foot 1-inch 1. He was most often cast as the villain, but he also had roles in comedy shorts, his size complementing the character.

ByHardy had made 50 short one-reel films at Lubin. He returned to Jacksonville where he made films for the Vim Comedy Company. That studio closed after Hardy discovered that the owners were stealing from the payroll.