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Since then bluegardenk sent me a picture and said they think this might be what the event is. But this picture has made me think of another theory for what I think may happen in the finale. As you can see the image shows Tom and Diana Parker standing together outside and they both look very solemn and appear to be staring at something. The first thing that struck me was that the orangey glow in the picture makes me think of fire.

Also if you look to the right of the image next to Diana the image is more grey in colour and to me it looks like there may be smoke.

This could of course be due to low quality image but lets say for the sake of this theory that its not. The other thing worth noting is it looks like they are dressed finely and so I think this is the same night as the ball. I think that Edward in his anger is going to start a fire out of revenge. I also think the fire will spread and will burn down alot of Sanditon particularly all the work that has been done so far. This could also lead to all kinds if decisions for the characters to make.

Whether to continue with the development or whether to just repair the damage and leave it at that. Whether to just abandon Sanditon altogether and move to their London houses. Whether to make some risky business deals. Sidney might have to decide whether to stay or whether to go back abroad to see if he can get some fortune that way.

It could be that once the fire breaks out that someone is stuck inside of one of the burning buildings and Sidney then rushes in to rescue them. The season could then end without us kowing whether they made it out again. I would like to send a quick thank you to bluegardenk so sending me the picture.

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Posts Archive. Not all heroes wear capes. This is so good. Makes me feel like I'm really helping. Which I need, because this kind of sucks. Deleted scene of catching fire Edited by me!!! Like the deer in the train station and the swans returning to the canals, those elephants who got drunk after drinking corn wine and then fell asleep in a tea field. And then there was that rare sighting of a dinosaur taking out their trash.

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Sidney Parker Quote Sticker. Tags: sidneyparker sanditon theojames. Sidney parker Samsung Galaxy Snap Case.Jane Austen was chronically ill with a mysterious disease in earlywhen she turned her thoughts to a happier subject. She started work on a witty and delightful novel set in a seaside town. She never finished it. Sign up to get the latest news on your favorite dramas and mysteries, as well as exclusive content, video, sweepstakes and more.

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Learn More. Feature Sanditon The cast share their wishes for their characters' futures! Short Sanditon Rose Williams breaks down Charlotte's journey throughout the season.

Watch Short. Feature Sanditon Read an interview with leading lady, Rose Williams! Feature Sanditon Go behind the scenes in our cast slideshow. Quiz Sanditon Find out who your Sanditon sweetheart is in this new quiz! About the Show Jane Austen was chronically ill with a mysterious disease in earlywhen she turned her thoughts to a happier subject.

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More from PBS. More ways to watch your Favorite Episodes.Notes: This was meant to be a short, three scene fic but I wrote a whole script basically. At the very least, he thought, he would not have made an appearance at any ball where he would have stood a chance of seeing her. From the far end of the room, where he stood, he could barely see her, but he knew it was her. Under all the layers of finery that embellished her now, it was still her. The quadrille ended, and a waltz began, which Charlotte, unsurprisingly easily finding a new partner, joined.

Under the pretext of getting them both some punch, he left Eliza to discuss the latest gossip with one of her acquaintances, and made his way through the crowd towards the other end of the room. From there, he had a better view, and was at the same time concealed from her notice in part by those standing in front of him.

So he stood, and observed. Seeing her was like a gut punch, and all the feelings that he had hoped to have buried somewhere far, far on the outskirts of his soul, — they all came rushing back.

Charlotte+Sidney - "Just say you love me now" (1x05)

Charlotte had left Sanditon four months ago, and was unchanged yet different in every way. She wore a silver gown, and looked more than beautiful — perfect, even, — but he longed to see her the way she had been in Sanditon: provincial-looking in her simple yet becoming dresses, with her flowing hair tangling in the wind.

There had been something endearing about that, and it had made her appear sweet and approachable, but now she was one of the ladies of the beau monde. She was whirled in a waltz by her partner, all elegant and composed, her occasional smile charming the man out of his wits. Two days later, she saw him in the flesh.

In the very hall where his portrait hung, she saw the man and the facsimile, one windswept and captured as eternally young, the other much more animated, kneeling on the floorboards to sweep the children into his arms.

Henry vehemently shook his head. Sidney sat on the floor and slouched, earning him a laugh and a clumsy hug about the neck. Keep reading. Thank you so much for the likes on part one of this little fan fiction series! This is certainly not how soon I expected to update, but I go so carried away!

I adore these two, and I do see them ending up together! Now, I know this is very out there in the confines of Jane Austen, and it is hardly historically accurate, but its just a little story! Originally posted by mihrunnisasultans. For at least 5 minutes now, Charlotte had known she had a companion in Mr Parker, barely 50 yards behind her. He was spoiling her walk she thought, by being here, so Miss Heywood decided to have a little fun of her own. Her perfect moment came sooner than she had anticipated, for which was glad, as the storm was starting to set in, the air getting colder around her.

Peaking a look between her hair that always hung around her shoulders, she saw Mr Parker had stopped to look at the sky, a curious look on his face. Barely able to contain her giggles, for they would give the game away, Charlotte tore off her bonnet leaving it in her wake as she scampered up the rocks nearby, in a most un-ladylike manner.

Charlotte darted behind a large sandstone as Mr Parker moved his head back towards where she had dropped her bonnet. Charlotte found herself needing to bite down on her gloved fingers in order to stop the little giggles bursting from her body.

For the second time that morn, Charlotte found herself distracted with homesickness, which is why the cry of her name in a panicked voice startled her so. Sidney felt all the air leave his lungs when his eyes laid on the bonnet carelessly strewn on the wet sand, the ribbons getting wetter by the second. No lady would ever purposefully leave their garment in such a way, leading Sidney panicked immediately.

His feet carried him to her bonnet, as he snatched it up, the wind starting to whip around him faster and faster, the heavens opening with raining starting to fall. Miss Heywood felt the colour drain from her face as the picture of a panicked Sidney Parker appeared before her.

For a man whom she had seen so happy to play with his nieces and nephews so wonderfully, and also suffered tongue lashings from with an expressionless face, the fearful face he had was one she would take more lashings for, never to see it on his face again.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". A calm, soft moment before the storm, if you will. Just a little continuation of the beach scene in episode 3 before the drama and shouting of episode 4! I was coming up empty handed on my own search for Sanditon fanfiction, so decided to write some myself, based on my favourite episode so far.

Hope you like :. Indeed, within her breast something seemed to stumble and falter as she continued to regard him; and, for but a moment, Mr Parker held that searching gaze, until his sharp lined jaw deigned to turn slightly downwards, his face becoming averted.

The conciliatory nature of this display shocked Charlotte a little, yet pleasantly so: never before, in all their short acquaintance, had she seen Sidney Parker so completely devoid of his usual air of sanctimonious superiority; that unique virtue that only persons of his sex and worldly experience could ever hope to possess. He was an individual that confounded her profusely: at times harsh and inattentive, and then at others, teasing and amenable.

Indeed, just as her opinion of him had all but cemented itself, it was then duly dismantled, with the requirement that it be swiftly built anew. Perceiving him now, with dark eyes cast seawards in observance of the interminable swell and surge of the waves, Charlotte dared to hope, if only and silently to herself, that perhaps they truly had reached a new accord.

Lost in their respective thoughts, Charlotte and Mr Parker continued to walk along the seafront in companionable silence, side by side: a new and welcome development, both persons unconsciously accommodating to the quiet, leisurely pace of the other. Above them, the sky had fallen into the sea: dove-grey and pewter toned, the diminishing sunlight now as soft and diaphanous as a bridal veil. During fanciful moments, she could almost imagine her former life in Willingden being just as remote to her now as Antigua undoubtedly was for Miss Lambe.

However, where Georgiana made no qualms about her distaste for the seaside town, Charlotte dreaded the day when her visit with the Parkers would reach its termination. In truth, Sanditon was to her a perfect place, a world in and of itself, with each day unfolding, as though it were a gift, to reveal newfound charms and peculiarities.

Soon, the heavens would grow darker, one stroke at a time, in deeper and deeper shades; and yet, despite this changefulness, still the sea would continue rushing onwards, then drawing itself back, wave upon wave; reassuring in its constancy, beautiful in its perpetuity.

I have never held such an opinion, I can assure you.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Those dark eyes, usually so full of chastisement and annoyance with regards to her, now instead possessed a rather uncharacteristically fond look within their depths. For the sake of historical record, you understand? After a brief duration, their laughter subsided, mellowing into a softly shared look between the two, only broken when both parties turned their gazes seawards, so as to silently glory in the unassuming grandeur of the tide, which was now gradually rising, calling forth the night.

If only the peace between these two could've lasted a bit longer! Though shouting matches between Austen characters are always fun too. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. Armistice undercovercaptain Summary: Just a little continuation of the beach scene in episode 3 before the drama and shouting of episode 4! Notes: I was coming up empty handed on my own search for Sanditon fanfiction, so decided to write some myself, based on my favourite episode so far.

See the end of the work for more notes. Notes: If only the peace between these two could've lasted a bit longer!Plot : What happens between the engagement of Esther and Lord Babington?

Weeks need to pass, and life in Sanditon never rests. Meanwhile, she tries to swallow her pride and allow Babington a look behind the curtain of aloofness and show him some of her worries and insecurities. Come along with me through episode 6 of Sanditon. Keep reading. Originally posted by thefrasers. With much left unresolved, the series finale of Sanditon left me wanting. The series started off with lots of potential.

It was grand, beautiful and ambitious, with a lot of themes to tackle - some complex e. But with much to deliver, it buckles under the weight of its own promise. I was disappointed by this ending because after setting us up for a good outcome, a lot of the characters end up exactly where they started or worse!

Not sure what hope I can take from that. Charlotte should have ended up with Young Stringer. Anyway, it makes no difference because a ridiculous thing happens and she ends up with precisely NO ONE! Which- sure. Thanks for wasting my time?

As a black girl who LOVES period dramas, I rarely get to see myself in them, let alone in a main role, so I was excited to see what they would do with her. The fact that the character was actually written by Jane Austen was very progressive for the time, so no doubt she had high hopes for her as well. Instead, the show turns Miss Lambe into a miserable, mopey, petulant brat, who exhibits no growth. She might as well have been any generic heiress. If done differently though, I could also see Miss Lambe marrying Arthur.

He laughs at the ridiculous pineapple incident, springs her from her house confinement, and attempts to cheer her up. Also, if she married Arthur, and Charlotte married Sidney, the two would have been sisters-in-law, which is the kind of tidy symmetry that Austen would have loved. His story with Esther is actually the most romantic and well-formed of the lot.

I found it unnecessary and redundant. We already had closure with his character in the previous episode, when Lady Denham disinherits him, Esther finally frees herself from his hold, and Babington comes to learn the true nature of their relationship.

sanditon tumblr

Him coming back adds nothing to the story. Ducking bleak! Not sure what the take-home from this should be.It ended on a romantic cliffhanger.

What do they expect me to do now? The book is so amazing! The setup is just so great! The sense of drama! The family of Invalids! The existence of Miss Lambe!

What I want to talk about however, is the colours that are worn. The only ladies frequently wearing colour are Georgiana and Esther. Although Georgiana prefers blue, nothing really seems to be behind her choice of colours, so I want to talk about Esther again, I know. Originally posted by oetravia. Keep reading. I am having too much fun with this. And I am so tickled to have time and ideas! Also posted to AO3. Charlotte sat alone in her room at her writing desk, composing a letter to her sister.

It was mid-afternoon, so the family was also indoors, shying away from the hottest part of the day. It was warm in the room, but the window provided a bit of a respite as she could look out and imagine she felt the sea breeze. This was the first time she had shared that emotion. She found it made her impatient, and almost as inattentive as Tom to everyone else in the room- and it grew worse as the days wore on.

Her mind was filled with Sidney and the promise of their conversation. She stifled a yawn with her hand. Her mind pointed her feet toward the clifftops, now one of her favorite paths, and watched the sun rise.

She turned her focus back to her letter. She tried to reread what she had written with heavy eyes, but the words swam on the page. She blinked and tried again. Perhaps, if she just laid her head down for a moment- then she could concentrate. She had no sooner had this thought than the children began shouting that Uncle Sidney had arrived.

Charlotte Heywood and Sydney Parker have zero chemistry. Originally posted by tilldeathdousart. Unexpected Surprises not requested.

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Guaranteed fluff and heavy on the found family trope. In the weeks running up to the wedding, Esther has got to come to terms with her past, her feelings and her future. She might not have been very in love when she got engaged, but will she by the time she gets married? You should check out Georgiana Lambe from Sanditon!

Yes, she was amazing. Sad at the cancellation. Wanted to see where her story went.