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Mortal Kombat The Creeper is an ancient, unstoppable demon who feasts on victims every 23rd of spring for 23 days. It feasts on the organs of those who fear it and who will keep him alive for centuries. He will stop for nothing until he gets what he came for. Shao Khan and Kronika are in trouble this time. They may not show fear but they have fallen to defeat. The Creeper will not. Their body parts would help this creature live.

The Creeper hits the opponent with an axe. He unleashes his wings, grabs the opponent, flies him up, then drops them headfirst on the ground, breaking their skull. Then, he takes out some axes, throws them at the opponent, and flies straight at them, kicking them in the head once again. Kronika had fallen defeated to the Creeper. Her body parts would be a contributing factor in the Creepers immortality.

The Creeper has become a ruthless, immortal, killing machine but Shao Khan was still the only one left for the Creeper to conquer in the Outworld. Both of them are strong so the Creeper had to find a way. He managed to defeat the Khan and now nothing could stop the Creeper in the Outworld. He has now been declared the king of the Outworld. If you have any ideas for a fatality or brutality or even, an improvement of my fatal blow.

Leave the suggestions down below.

Mortal Kombat X: 10 Guest Characters We Want in the Game

Besides, with all due respect, I'd far rather have classic MK characters return than non-canon DLC characters from horror movie franchises. The MK series itself has such an amazing lore that I personally feel it doesn't need to dip into other movie universes, it just needs to expand upon its own characters who have untapped potential Sareena, Ashrah etc. Moderators I like the Topic Thread idea so we can all add our own guest character ideas. Could we keep this thread and simply rename it to the following so others can throw out their own ideas for guest characters.I think there are too many sorcerers in this game.

However, I do like your other ideas. I think if we had some "mortal" characters who think they're gods from Egypt. A knight would fit. I think someone who has a very obscure need to follow Raiden. He would kill in the name of Raiden.

How about relatives or offsprings from Nightwolf, Kabal and Stryker? Not to be trying to demoralize you, but for those characters I would rather not. Nightwolf, Kabal, and Stryker have made so few appearances of their own throughout the series that I think people would really rather have them or not have them at all over replacements. And, introducing the 3rd Sub-Zero yet is just not a good idea I think, it's not necessary.

Maybe Frost could fill a similiar role instead. I can see Kitana and Liu Kang having an offspring but only after they become human again. They're basically dead the way they are now. I do want to see Kano's son. I believe it'll be Jarek though.

mortal kombat guest character ideas

There's nothing that suggests they aren't related at least. For me personally, i don't want to get any more ninja or sorcerers fight now as Mortal Kombat is essentially made of them, but they are moving away from they with making the ninjas more unique. I would like a new boss character that is like a combination of Ermac and Frankenstein where Ermac is the prison of souls while this boss character flesh would be the prison.

To give a better idea, the character skin would be deep purple with patches of his skin rotting off or roughly sown together, his face will be horribily disfigured with parts of his armor melted into his skin, and at his chest would have all the eyes of all the people he has killed sown on that still moves.

HIs main fighting style, would have him physcially change his body in some way kind of like Prototype. I think something like that would be sick. For a more normal character I like the idea of a werewolf-beast shapeshifter that would transform parts of his body during combos, different varations, or special moves. I think each variation would focus on a different asepct of the transformation where one of them is just the character in werewolf form. A ghost like character would be nice though they have that with [Noob Saibot] and [Scorpion] though they are considered a Wraith and Spectre.

So I think that point is moot. For a character that come from a veteran from Mortal Kombat I would like the idea of a cop which sad enough Stryker didn't do for me. I kinda of wanted a grizzled cop, talks a lot of shit, backs it up, loves to lay down the smack down, and has anger issues. I thinking more on the lines of Punisher or Red Hood, bonus points if the guy has a skull-faced mask.

Well we already have half the crew in mortal kombat why not invite the rest of the guys. I mean Ermac is the mummy, Reptile is the missing link, and Nitara well is the vampire though we don't talk about her. I would love to see Belokk in MK In fact, how about all the rumored characters throughout MK history? If someone Norse like Loki, perhaps in the Realm of Chaos, they could make a character like that. I was thinking of a druid. I tried to think of one of the heroes to have offsprings and relatives, so I went with Nightwolf.Page: 1.

I feel some of the new characters from MKX don't impress me. A male one but based on a spider like Webstor from He-Man. I call him Anansi. Canada Rank Mortal Posts Likes 0 received 0 given.

With D'Vorah locked away, I think its time for a new Kytinn to join in. More Realms would cram and ruin MK. The known Realms past and present construct can still be expanded on, especially with less talked about Realms such as Vaeturnus and Zaterra even though I know they have supposedly been fused with Outworld as they have much less progression.

Also I would of got rid of Dreamrealm, I wish it would of never been discovered because the characters associated with it are silly MK fighters are not Superheroes and it doesn't even have a Kamidogu.

That's mindless to me. Masr DAHK9. She could be the first female sub-boss. It could even be a female one from another world. Said Revenant could also be any of the characters I've suggested above. Rank Student Posts Likes 2 received 0 given. New characters A Medusa creature, who can choose to turn people into stone when looking at them and who can alternate between a snake-like lower body and two legs, so X-rays and leg-ripping alities can be done on her.

A Viking. A pirate, who has a ship that can open portals to the seas of any realms.

Mortal Kombat 11: 10 Guest Characters We NEED To See

A technologically advanced species other than humans. An original Revenant, someone who doesn't have a live self like the others. Ever since Baraka's death, a new Tarkatan would be nice. But with an ability not only shoot out blades, but also bone-like spikes from its body.

mortal kombat guest character ideas

An alchemist would be nice. Plus with Quan Chi dead, a new "sorcerer" can join in with Shang Tsung coming back. In fact the alchemist can be one of Onaga's "acolytes". Just have both Baraka and a new Tarkatan preferably a female oneas well as Quan Chi, Shang Tsung and that new sorcerer, who in fact should be a sorceress, a truly hideous one resembling the true form of the Hexon Beasts from the Grimm TV series.These are 10 guest characters that definitely should be in future Mortal Kombat games, also, I'm not including anyone who has already been in an MK game.

Also, this list will not include Spawn, because, even though nearly everyone wants him in an MK game, I don't want to get my hopes up incase his inclusion could end up being something everyone might regret asking for And one more thing, any brand restrictions are completely ignored, so any characters from any form of media is eligable.

A character that uses mining equipment could be an interesting addition to Mortal Kombat, since they try to use every type of weapon known to man, from swords, knives, guns etc. Character Selection:. Harry walks forward weilding his weapon Except in Valentine Variation before turning on the light on his mining helmet.

mortal kombat guest character ideas

Harry takes out a second shovel and smashes the opponent in both sides of the head, he then hits the opponent in the stomach with one shovel, when the opponent hunches over in pain, Harry smacks the opponent in the back of the head with the other shovel. LOVE HEART: Harry kicks down his opponent, making them fall onto their back, he then uses his pickaxe to tear out their heart before placing it in a heart shaped chocolate box and gently placing it on his opponent's chest and walking away.

Chances are alot of you are going to say it should be Vader, not Maul, but I disagree, Maul posesses a more athletic move-set that fits better with Mortal Kombat, plus, he is pretty awesome. Maul walks forward before facing the opponent and removing his hood. X-RAY: Maul uses the force to lift up the opponent and smash them into the ground, he then lifts them up again and breaks their back over his knee.

FORCE SLICE: Maul stands far from his opponent, before throwing his lightsaber like a spear into his opponent's stomach, impaling them, before he uses the force to lift up the light saber, slicing his opponent vertically from stomach to skull.

DARK SIDE: Maul uses the force to lift the opponent into the air, he then uses the force to crust the opponents organs from the inside, Maul then rips the opponent in half, leaving the pool of blood and chunks of organs to fall as Maul keeps the 2 halfs of his opponent floating.

A vigilante who completely murders people? Why not? Character selection:. Punisher walks forward, adjusting his gloves, he then reloads a handgun. X-RAY: Punisher takes out 2 knives and continuously stabs his opponent, before placing the knives in his opponent's hands, grabbing their wrist and forcing them into stabbing themselves. JIGSAW: Throws a grenade behind the opponent to start a fire, pulls out an expandable metal pole and impales the opponent sideways, before he throws the opponent into the fire, causing them to burn to death.

I know that I just did a murderous vigilante, but the Crow is too cool to ignore.You work with what you got Page: 1. MK 11 Guest Character ideas.

Crossover Archive: Injustice and Mortal Kombat Guest Characters

Masr DAHK9. Ash from Evil Dead is my number one, no question. Pinhead could be awesome. Produced by Warner Bros Detox Detox.

Other than that Michael Myers would fit the "silent slasher" quota. An oddball choice would be a tag team character of Sam and Dean Winchester of Supernatural fame. I really dont know. MKX kinda had them all. We even got Leatherface. I dont know why. Plus it wouldnt be the real Robocop it would be modern one. Never really watched Hellraiser but he seems to be a bit Quan Chi anyway. Dont really want a load of guest characters.

Alien, Predator and Jason were pretty high on the list and they are all in. Robocop - somewhat easier to fit in then Terminator but would they be able to get 3 fight styles out of him? Chucky - Yoda. Pinhead - maybe. Scream guy - nope. Thats all I can think of from movies that would kinda work in MK. Comics Deadpool - marvel guy so nope Joker - maybe. Spawn - I dont like him but edgelords do. Dont know who else really. No guest characters!

Viser Viser. Ukraine Rank Student Posts Likes 6 received 1 given. Spawn Marv from Sin City?Did you hear the news? Jason Voorhees is going to be in Mortal Kombat Xavailable as downloadable content along with two classic characters and one other guest fighter.

Pretty wild. By the way, totally called it nine months ago. Go me! Guest characters in fighting games have been a pretty regular thing since the days of Ryo Sakazaki appearing in Fatal Fury Special despite being from a different fighting game series.

Sorry, but he is. Ad — content continues below. This will never happen. A year ago, he manhandled a zombie wizard cowboy, which is such a Mortal Kombat thing!

It writes itself, man! If we want to toss in another 90s video game violence relic to join its fellow goremongers, we might as go with Doomguy or the Doom Marine or Flynn Taggart or whatever you want to call him. That guy from Doom. Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox!

If Mortal Kombat was going to pal around with any other fighting game series, it would probably be Killer Instinct. It feels right, you know? Especially now that Killer Instinct is somewhat relevant and is being used as a tool to coerce people into getting the Xbox One. Naturally, if a Killer Instinct character was going to be in a Mortal Kombat game, it would have to be an Xbox exclusive. Just pretend it knocked her into Outworld instead.

Yeah, another Brock on the list.I'm unsure if this has already been discussed but what are the guest characters people would like to see in the next MK game. Characters can be chosen regardless or legalities.

I would more than love to see Gabriel Belmont from Castlevania Lords of shadow. I think he totally fits in a MK game.

I imagine his variation system similar to Triborg, three characters in one.

MK11 Guest Characters

I know it's propably impossible to see such thing happening, but it's interesting to imagine. Because Vince McMahon and Mark Callaway would totally love to see him be brutally murdered in a video game There is no fucking way he would allow him to appear in a video game like MK. Why in the fuck would someone who owns the character for a PG company want one of his creations to be in a violent video game series like Mortal Kombat, that'd be like fucking Mario being in it.

mortal kombat guest character ideas

C'mon guys don't be stupid about someone like The Undertaker. People get mangled up and beaten up on a regular basis on WWE. For you to say that WWE isn't violent, you're sorely mistaken. Yeah, i don't think it would happen, but it would be pretty cool. I really think Undertaker would fit right in.

I could see him being like Raiden but much darker and with more graveyard things. They literally have PG sponsors and they've said numerous times from the higher ups and wrestlers themselves it's PG, look at the Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression era, that shit wasn't PG.

Mortal Kombat X: 10 Guest Characters We Want in the Game

You don't see them lying in pools of blood or swearing like a sailor or chicks being there for fan service, I used to watch WWE for years so er And the point you're trying to make about WWE being violent is asinine, it's scripted moves where injuries are from botched moves.

It's not like they go out of their way to actually physically brutalise each other, MK is no limits. And it really would be one of the worst things in the world, because they have no business being in the series, it'd be like having Mario or Fox McCloud in the games. I would like to see both if possible. It would be funny to see a hardcore battle between these two icons of the hack n slash with all the blood and violence tha MK can offer.