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Jambon Marine Service, LLC is a boat rental company that specializes in providing offshore support vessels OSV to the international oil and gas industry. Our fleet consists of deep-water vessels, inland tugs, crew boat barges, and jack-up barges. All of our vessels are equipped with the most current technologies to make your job easier and ultimately safer. We also provide superior management of oceangoing vessels for offshore transportation.

Our vessels can assist your company in drilling, production, construction, diving, and environmental operations. Jambon has aligned itself with the largest provider of independent technical management. Doing so ensures that when you partner with Jambon, you can be certain that the operational efficiency and physical condition of any of our vessels is in compliance with all industry regulations.

You also have a choice of office locations from which our vessels can be managed.

Hiring Crew For Jack Up Barge Vessel

Currently, for cargo and offshore vessels, the Jambon network encompasses 17 offices able to offer local expertise within an international network.

These primary offices are, in turn, supported by a wider network of representative offices, totaling 62 offices worldwide! We are committed to creating the most steadfast and fearless boat-rental company in the world. Our offshore fleet is available for rental and ready to service your needs- contact us today at sales jambonboats.For nearshore projects, our marine plant and equipment enables Fugro to offer a range of drilling, testing and installation work in a safe and efficient manner.

Capable of operating from high water level to water depths of around 40 metres, our jack-up barges can be mobilised to almost any coastal location. With a proven track record of deploying in seas, rivers, and lakes worldwide we can undertake a wide range of in situ and laboratory-based nearshore-site geotechnical ground investigations.

At our extensive in-house facilities we have designed and built most of our nearshore jack-up barges. Smaller jack-up barges can be transported by road or container ships and are readily mobilised when they arrive at your site. Our fleet also includes self-propelled jack-up barges that can be quickly moved between project locations. We have experience in a diverse range of applications including renewables, ports and harbours, bridges, tunnels, mining and nuclear projects. For downhole testing and sampling, rock coring, using wireline tools and PS logging we will mobilise drill rig spreads.

We undertake offshore marine drilling from jack-ups in water depths ranging from 0 to 40 metres and borehole depths beyond metres. The drills and jack-up barges are designed for easy transportation or shipping worldwide. We perform geotechnical site investigations in almost any nearshore zone using specialist marine equipment, tools and expertise. This will determine our selection of marine plant, drilling and in situ testing equipment. Our smaller rigs are modular and can be transported by road or container ship enabling fast, cost-effective mobilisation.

Services Land site characterisation Nearshore geotechnical site investigation. Fugro Geotechnical's capabilities include:. Our marine plant is ready to be mobilised for a range of site investigation methods including: Soil and rock drilling Cone penetration testing CPT Wireline logging Other in situ testing Instrumentation installation Nearshore drilling For downhole testing and sampling, rock coring, using wireline tools and PS logging we will mobilise drill rig spreads.

Land site characterisation Geotechnical ground investigation Geological and geophysical surveys Nearshore geotechnical site investigation Jack-up barges Testing and monitoring Water consultancy services Geoconsulting. Enquire about our services Contact us.Built on our long history of innovation you can be confident in our ability to deliver safely, efficiently and professionally.

Our fleet of advanced jack-up barges is ideally suited for overwater site investigations, marine construction projects and large diameter drilling works.

At our extensive in-house facilities we have designed and built most of our nearshore jack-up barges. Smaller jack-up barges can be transported by road or container ships and are operational soon after arrival at your site. The Aran is a medium sized, container transportable, modular jack-up barge. The barge has low international transport costs and high performance capabilities, perfect for geotechnical investigations, excavation and construction.

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In its compact configuration, this fast elevating jack-up barge is ideal for confined intertidal areas, where accurate movement and positioning is required. The Aran is a medium sized, high payload, modular jack-up barge has low international transport costs coupled with high performance capabilities.

The Coral Giant jack-up barge has been especially designed to carry out marine geotechnical investigations in ports, tidal waters and exposed coastal areas.

Operating in water depths of up to 18 m, the Coral Giant can conduct a range of drilling and sampling techniques as well as cone penetration testing and other in situ geotechnical testing.

The Curlew jack-up barge has been especially designed to carry out marine geotechnical investigations in ports, tidal waters and sheltered coastal areas. Operating in water depths between m, the Curlew can conduct a range of drilling and sampling techniques as well as cone penetration testing and other in-situ geotechnical testing.

Excalibur is our largest jack-up barge and is capable of working in water depths up to 40 m. Excalibur has been used extensively for installing foundations and large-scale site investigations for offshore wind farm projects; it also can be equipped with an integral foundation drilling unit.

On-board accommodation for 40 people reduces the need for time consuming and potentially high-risk crew transfers. Fast jacking speed, and large deck space make the Fugro well suited to support foundation piling, large-scale geotechnical investigations and general heavy lift marine construction operations. The Fugro can be mobilised to conduct jetty pile and superstructure installation and can be easily deployed with onboard accommodation if required. About Fugro Expertise Vessels and jack-up barges Jack-up barges.

Capabilities Our fleet of advanced jack-up barges is ideally suited for overwater site investigations, marine construction projects and large diameter drilling works. Barges and equipment are designed, built and modified in-house resulting in streamlined delivery and enhanced reliability. Modular jack-up barges can be shipped globally as standard containers, reducing freight cost. On-board accommodation and laboratory testing facilities boosts productivity and reduces the risk of crew transfers.

Our integrated range of services helps to simplify project management and maximise efficiency. Aran Aran Flyer. Coral Giant. Excalibur Flyer. Fugro Fugro Flyer.

Nearshore geotechnical site investigation

Media Latest news. Fugro boosts efficiency of super sewer site characterisation Fugro-Van Oord develop innovative walking jack-up The innovative large walking jack-up barge, WaveWalker 1, is being developed by Fugro and Van Oord to operate in rough seas, surf zones, beaches and other intertidal locations.

Contact us about our services Contact Us.The rig legs may operate independently or have a mat attached to the lower portion of the legs in order to provide a more stable foundation in soft bottom areas.

Many of our jack-up rigs are of cantilever design — a feature that permits the drilling platform to be extended out from the hull, allowing it to perform drilling or workover operations over adjacent, fixed platforms.

Nabors also has deeper water jack-up rigs that are capable of drilling at depths between eight feet and to feet. The water depth limit of a particular rig is determined by the length of its legs and by the operating environment. Moving a rig from one drill site to another involves lowering the hull down in to the water until it is afloat and then jacking up its legs with the hull floating.

The rig is then towed to the new drilling site. Tell us more about your needs by completing the form below and a Nabors representative will contact you soon. Rig Finder.

Jack-up Rigs. Drill Smarter with Nabors Tell us more about your needs by completing the form below and a Nabors representative will contact you soon. First Name. Last Name.

jack up barge crew

Email Address. Phone Number. Outlying Islands U. Related Products.A jackup rig or a self-elevating unit is a type of mobile platform that consists of a buoyant hull fitted with a number of movable legs, capable of raising its hull over the surface of the sea.

The buoyant hull enables transportation of the unit and all attached machinery to a desired location. Once on location the hull is raised to the required elevation above the sea surface supported by the sea bed. The legs of such units may be designed to penetrate the sea bed, may be fitted with enlarged sections or footings, or may be attached to a bottom mat. Jackup platforms are used as exploratory drilling platforms and offshore and wind farm service platforms.

Jackup platforms have been the most popular and numerous of various mobile types in existence. The total number of jackup drilling rigs in operation numbered about at the end of Jackups are towed or moved under self propulsion to the site with the hull lowered to the water level, and the legs extended above the hull.

When the rig reaches the work site, the crew jacks the legs downward through the water and into the sea floor or onto the sea floor with mat supported jackups. This anchors the rig and holds the hull well above the waves. An early design was the DeLong platform that Leon B. DeLong designed.

In he constructed the DeLong Rig No. This was the first mobile offshore drilling platform. This barge had ten legs which had spud cans to prevent them from digging into the seabed too deep.

InZapata Offshoreowned by George H. Bush ordered the Scorpion. It was designed by R. LeTourneau and featured three electro-mechanically-operated lattice type legs. Built on the shores of the Mississippi river by the LeTourneau Companyit was launched in December The second, also designed by LeTourneau, was called Vinegaroon.

A jackup rig is a barge fitted with long support legs that can be raised or lowered. The jackup is maneuvered self-propelled or by towing into location with its legs up and the hull floating on the water. Upon arrival at the work location, the legs are jacked down onto the seafloor. Then "preloading" takes place, where the weight of the barge and additional ballast water are used to drive the legs securely into the sea bottom so they will not penetrate further while operations are carried out.

After preloading, the jacking system is used to raise the entire barge above the water to a predetermined height or "air gap", so that wave, tidal and current loading acts only on the relatively slender legs and not on the barge hull. Modern jacking systems use a rack and pinion gear arrangement [4] where the pinion gears are driven by hydraulic or electric motors and the rack is affixed to the legs.

However, a specialized class of jackup rigs known as premium or ultra-premium jackups are known to have operational capability in water depths ranging from to meters to feet. There are more jackup rigs in the worldwide offshore rig fleet than other type of mobile offshore drilling rig.

Other types of offshore rigs include semi-submersibles which float on pontoon-like structures and drillshipswhich are ship-shaped vessels with rigs mounted in their center. These rigs drill through holes in the drillship hulls, known as moon pools. This type of rig is commonly used in connection with offshore wind turbine installation. Jackup rigs can also refer to specialized barges that are similar to an oil and gas platform but are used as a base for servicing other structures such as offshore wind turbineslong bridges, and drilling platforms.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jackup barges being used to dismantle a ship that was wrecked at sea. American Bureau of Shipping. Archived from the original on Good day sir. I am willing to apply in your good company.

jack up barge crew

I am Neil Brigole 29 years old. I am 7 months experience as cargo chief officer here in Philippines domestic trade. I have complete dicuments. I am Chien Nguyen 29 years old. I have complete certificates. You can contact me on my email dinhchien87hp gmail. I am Neil Brigole. Applyin for a. I have complete stcw documents sir. As tug master in Damietta port authority in Egypt and still working until now.

jack up barge crew

I command all of type of manouvering as push and pull all type of ships for berthing and unberthing from and into port. I have becholar degree in Marine Navigation and 2nd mate COC I have 2 years 2 months experience as 2nd mate in Cement carrier shipsbulk carrier ships and general cargo ships.

I have all stcw certificates and all valid. Medical certificate of fitness to work offshore until I have the competency appraisal form during the whole work in the company perod GMS with positive feedback and recommendations for further work in the in the position of second engineer.

Contact At the present moment I am looking for position of Chief Officer or Trainee Captain on board self-propelled jack-up barge. All my marine docs are valid till I kindly request you to inform me if you have any suitable vacancy for me. Best Regards, Captain Vitaliy Luhinin. Email:ptycho hotmail.And they just fired their offensive coordinator.

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