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October 1, References. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 38, times. Learn more Installing a new gas cap is a very simple procedure, but the exact steps can vary depending on the type of gas cap you have. Before you can install a new cap, you must also know how to remove the old one. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker.

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Explore this Article parts. Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Authored by the wikiHow Community Community of editors, researchers, and specialists October 1, References. Part 1 of Unwind the leash.Have you ever left the filling station and realized you left your gas cap on the top of your vehicle or the top of the pump at the filling station? Its not hard to do if you are in a hurry or there is foul weather. Its harder to do if your gas cap is attached to your vehicle but sometimes the plastic or cord that attaches it can break.

If your gas cap has broken off or you would like to keep from losing yours, please read on! Something needing a fuel cap re attached to it My Chevy Caprice Estate was the vehicle in need. Make sure to hold the cap with something such as a vise or clamp so that it doesn't try to run away from you while drilling and you accidentally put a hole somewhere other than where it is intended. Pull it tight and then you can melt the end of the cord.

For the next part you need to look for a place to attach the other end of the paracord too. I had an option to tie it to the hole on the fuel door or to the bracket attached to the fill tube. Tie another knot and cut any extra cord if you have any. I am not responsible for you blowing up your vehicle. Take a step back and enjoy your finished product. I dare you to dare your gas cap to run away now.

Depending on the type of fuel cap I think that you could adapt this to lawn mowers, generators or things such as leaf blowers and chainsaws. Also you can use a small chain or another type of cord. If you have suggestions or comments please let me know. Five years on, and this is still a good fix. I drilled a hole and used paracord, just like the author, only difference was my Jeep has a small hole for the factory leash I assume and so I used a drywall screw to hold that end of the leash.

Took a bit of experimenting to get the knot around the end of the screw on so that it would stay on. I think it is sort of "crushed" by the screw, should be secure.

Sadly less than a week after this Instructables I had an electrical fire under the hood. More instructables to come during the process of repairing the car. By Livingstrong Follow. More by the author:. About: I love building things, helping out on the farm, being outside and working on my car. Currently in college working towards a degree in civil or mechanical engineering. Participated in the Hack It!

gas cap tether

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gas cap tether

Please contact us before modifying the part so that we have the opportunity to correct the situation. If you have a question about a part you should contact us before buying. AM Autoparts is proud to offer you the best price and fastest service for all your aftermarket parts needs.

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It came June 4th. Now it changed to the 5th.SHARE :. Now you can cut costs by replacing just the damaged tether on your fuel cap, not the entire assembly. Email : techsupport dormanproducts. Below you can search and find your area locations that sell Dorman Products. Please be sure to call the location of your choice to verify this item is in stock and available. All rights reserved. Follow Us: TOP. View Video.

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How to Install a Gas Cap Tether

Item Details. Fuel Tank Cap Tether. Product Description Now you can cut costs by replacing just the damaged tether on your fuel cap, not the entire assembly.

Kit includes metal clip that fits around the fuel cap, tether, and plastic retainers High-quality rubber, metal, and plastic construction Plastic retainers in kit to fit a variety of applications Universal fit. Technical Support Available Email : techsupport dormanproducts.The gas cap tether on both my 05 and 08 outback broke. I didn't use any adhesive but just jammed the broken ends into a small piece of chain saw gas line.

I don't know the exact id of the line but it was a real tight fit and seems to be holding. If it fails I might consider some silicone or other adhesive like M Use the part number to find it cheaper online and order 2 to reduce shipping.

Plastic is only good for so long before you just need to let it return to the earth whence it came. However, the thought of squirreling away one or two spare parts for every possible scenario, for the day they may become useful, is beyond the storage capacity of my attic, basement and garage. I will continue to cobble together solutions and remedies when possible but at some point realize that there does come a time to say "when". It came from a parallel universe since I had expand the spring wire and use pliers to put a 'recurve' on the ends to prevent them digging into the cap's plastic.

It does hold the cap but it's still not a great solution. It's easier, if you are worried about things becoming obsolete like I always am to get a lathe, and a mill, and learn how to create anything you might need. A gas cap is really just an exercise in lathe formed threads, some milling, and knurling.

And replace the plastic lead with a bit of chain. But it's easier to just buy a new cap for both your rigs, replace them now not store them and push that machining battle back another 15 years. When necessary this is how it's handled. If I had to make one because they went NLA God help the poor soul that has to pay for my time to do it.

But it's easier to just buy a new cap for both your rigsreplace them now not store them and push that machining battle back another 15 years.

Just Buy a New One". In this case I would - simply because there is no good way to fix aged plastic, and the replacement is still available for now. They also have a measurable failure rate on the functional side - they can cause EVAP codes when the valve inside them fails to seal properly. They are now discontinued and no one makes a replacement - in fact no one even makes anything similar with the same functionality.

Mine and many others are broken and unrepairable because the plastic just fell apart. So we live with gas smell and fuel spilling out on the ground by the rear axle in the summer. Those people that owned their car when you could still walk into a GM dealer and buy that part are kicking themselves now. When they show up NOS on ebay they go for several hundred. My TA's intermittent wiper motor cover - same story.

Agreed on availability of piece for replacement if it needs to be replaced. I am not getting any failure reports of sealing though have been warned that aftermarkets can have issues. My situation is that a tether that doesn't relate to function other than forgetfulness of the operator failed first on the 08 and then later on the Making the cap idiot proof as far as leaving it at a gas station is the only function of the tether.

The adjacent plastic did not seem fatigued as I was able to jam it into the weed whacker gas line splint. I have a buddy nursing three Subaru sedans and one truck. He actually found rings for the engine through SOA for peanuts.After purchasing my new Subaru Impreza I was like probably everyone who ever purchased a new car.

It has been a few years and most of that has changed, but the first thing to break on my car, still haunts me. It wasn't something major and the car still works fine, but the gas cap tether just hangs there now, limp and broken.

Plus I have to be careful not to scratch the car with the broken tether. I have, like so many other Subaru owners, just left the broken piece on my precious car for far too long.

But not any more! As the powers of 3D printing unite I now have a new gas cap tether. My car is whole again and I can go back to the OCD of shiny car syndrome all over again.

Gas Cap Removal Tool

I am one of the lucky few that have access to a 3D printer. Not my own, but my husband's. And if I ask really nicely he even lets me use it.

Lets get this straight, I am not technology stupid, but some days my Google-foo is stronger than other days. And since to-date I have "broke" more electronic equipment than he has, I don't actually get to touch the printer.

gas cap tether

Watch, set up, work with him, that I can do, but touch - NO. If you don't own a 3D printer, there are some local hot spots Makerspace that will let you use them for a small fee, usually inside their own facility.

This print took all of about 35 minutes, so you don't always need to rent the printer for a week to finish the smallest of processes. If you are renting one, I recommend the following:.

The bed size and print size. This will make a big difference. Since the bed on our printer is 9", we had to curve the tether. This was done in the design process. More on that later. What material you can print. We printed in TPU flexible filament but there are so many options. Remove the gas cap from the filler neck and use your fingers to pry the tether ring out of the retaining groove on the gas cap.

Work your way around the cap, it should come off pretty easily. You could cut it off, but that would make measuring it in the next step a little harder.

Using your fingers again gently pry out the plastic pin that holds the tether tail to the gas door. This part will be re-used so go slow! If you break it I am sure you can purchase it from the dealership, but this is exactly what we are trying to avoid. That or you can write the next instructable, on how to 3D print the pin.

Remove the plastic pin from the gas cap tether tail. Break out your ruler and calipers and start measuring the old tether. Inner diameter, outer diameter, thickness and overall length are the critical dimensions to pay attention to. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Now what we have measurements we can make a quick model that will get turned into the 3D printed part. Fire up your CAD platform of choice and start sketching.

We used OnShape, which is a great program similar to SolidWorks, but has a free option.

Mopar Factory Gas Cap for 1997-2000 Wrangler TJ

Any CAD platform will work. STL file.Remove the gas cap from your vehicle more easily with the Gas Cap Removal Tool. Fitting right over your vehicle's gas cap plate, this handy gas cap grip provides easy grip from most any angle. This offers the leverage needed to easily open and close your gas cap. This gas cap tool is designed drivers with arthritis, hand injuries or limited strength, so you can retain your independence.

Included with this sturdy plastic cap opener are two universal adapters, which accommodate most vehicles on the market. Keep this handle on hand for when you want to drive a family member's vehicle and need to fill the tank while you're out.

At 84 I was unable to gas up my car without help. This tool is so easy to use. It is well made and very sturdy. Thanks to the person who saw a need and did something about it.

I put a locking gas cap on my car but it was hard to twist it off because of the angle. This wrench made it so much easier to remove the cap. Well worth the money. It works, but the handle should be longer for better leverage, and it came with no directions.

One of the attachments was pre-connected, and it took me forever to figure out how to change to the other attachment. Not sure if it is a problem with the tool or just a particularly obnoxious gas cap on my Mom's minivan.

Gas cap tether comes out of the center of the gas cap making it difficult to fit the tool flat on the cap.

Also, due to the gas cap door, you need to take the tool off to reposition it to continue unscrewing the cap. Unfortunately, my Mom's cap rotates itself back to the original position when you let go of it. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason.

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