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The K is the first Large Scale locomotive with totally isolated electronics, which allows for easy installation of the control system of your choice. There are two set of switches; the lighting switches behind the smokebox door at the front of the locomotive, and the control switches underneath the coal load in the tender on the main PC board.

There are three switches behind the smokebox door at the front of the locomotive. Smoke - Controls the smoke unit Cab light - Controls the cab light M.

To access these switches pull up on the front panel on the tender and remove the coal load. Track Polarity Switch middle : In Large Scale, there are two conventions used to control the direction of the locomotive.

If your locomotive operates in the reverse direction to other locomotives on your layout, place the Polarity switch in the opposite position. Motor Switch bottom : This switch controls the motor.

Bachmann Industries

The Bachmann K comes equipped with an open and nonproprietary plug-and-play electronics socket. This plug-and-play socket is designed for after market plug-and-play products contact your hobby retailer for more information. As delivered, the K is set up for DC operation. In this mode, the locomotive headlight and the tender rear light will be direction dependent. Control of smoke and other lighting functions can be obtained via the switches behind the smoke box door.

The J1 row of pins towards the front of the tender and the J2 row of pins towards the rear of the tender on the socket must be aligned properly with the replacement plug-and-play PC board. Each pin is also connected to a solder pad for use with systems that do not support plug-and-play. The following table provides the purpose for each pin. The J2 row of pins has a blank key on either end of the row to help ensure that a plug-and-play device can not be incorrectly inserted.

If your sound system is designed for plug-and-play operation, remove the DC Dummy PC Board, plug in your sound system, and install a 3" speaker in the speaker location beneath the main PC board in the tender.

To aid in this installation, a pair of wires from the speaker connection on the main PC board in the tender to the speaker is provided. To install a speaker in the tender first remove the tender shell. To remove the tender shell: Remove the two screws at the front of the tender underneath the coal load. Remove the single screw under the rear hatch on the top of the tender shell. Carefully lift off the tender shell. The speaker is intended to be mounted underneath the main PC board.

To gain access to this area, remove the four screws on the four corners of the main PC board and carefully move the main PC board to one side. The speaker should not touch the main PC board when reinstalled in the tender. Once the speaker is installed, replace the four screws on the main PC board removed above, plug in the speaker to its connection on the main PC board in the tender, and reinstall the tender shell.

The K is designed to support either two or four chuffs per revolution. From the factory, four chuffs per revolution is selected. For two chuffs per revolution, remove the chuff jumper connection, which is labeled JP1. SoundTraxx Sierra Install. Some decoders do not support all of the functions contained on the J2 connection.This comes from a discussion a friend and I have been having regarding the quality of inexpensive trains these days. I have suggested that when it comes to cheap trains, the best bang for the buck is a Bachmann set.

They come with metal wheels, knuckle couplers, a fairly good locomotive, and tolerable if not great track and power pack. He has hesitantly agreed, though I can tell he's not at all keep on Bachmann models, especially locomotives. So, I'm curious to know what others think. We all know about the old Bachmann toy trains, with the pancake motors and terrible paint, but the latest models seem to be in a different class entirely.

Would you recommend one to a beginner as their first engine? Would you run one yourself? I'm not talking about the Spectrum engines, just the regular bottom end Bachmann models.

I've always been hesitant with anything Bachmann, honestly, but at a train show a couple years ago, a guy was trying to sell me one of their HO locos even though I told him I modeled N, but I digress He talked it up quite a bit that they were way better than they were, so I might have purchased one if I was in the market for one or trying to get a kid interested in the hobby.

bachmann spectrum locomotives

My impression is that the Bachmann runs a little quieter, but not silently. The Athearn seems to have a lot of motor noise, the Bachmann more gear noise.

bachmann spectrum locomotives

The Athearn has a LOT more mass and momentum almost too muchfrom both the extra weights and the dual flywheels. In the looks department, they're about even, though the Bachmann may have a slightly more accurate roof profile. They do not run together well though I've done it without issuethough it should be possible to tweak that with the decoders.

My prejudice based on old models makes me suspect that the Athearn is a better quality model, but if I just saw them on a layout and didn't know anything about them I would probably take the Bachmann. The one thing it definitely needs is more weight. They are worlds apart form the Bachmann of the '70s and '80s. I would not touch any of the standard line Bachmann locos, only Spectrum. However, some of my N scale friends are telling me now that the standard line offerings have improved of late.

I have to say that I love this Mogul. Even with the limited sound available in DC mode I think I have a winner. I am between DCC systems at the moment but can't wait to get my new one to see how well this baby really will do.

The price was right too. It started at On top of that I added a ten percent off coupon from there catalog and ended up with a good running sound and DCC equipped loco for Cannot beat that! I have only run this new Bachmann locomotive on a few stretches of flex track, but was pleasantly surprised at the performance.

It seems quiet, smooth, and runs well at very low speed with very little break in. Since then I have acquired a small fleet of freight cars, mostly Bachmann, and they seem well proportioned and seem to run fairly smoothly, though they truthfully could benefit from new trucks.The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site.

SoundTraxx has been providing sound to Bachmann Trains since Each Bachmann sound-equipped locomotive comes with multiple sound selections to allow you to customize the locomotive to your personal tastes or more closely match your prototype railroad. Bachmann sound-equipped locomotives include amazing features found in aftermarket SoundTraxx decoders, including bit digital sound and advanced motor controls. Beginning in lateBachmann will offer Econami technology installed from the factory for select models.

These models will include more features and Econami Documentation should be used for these products. Some products will continue to be offered with SoundValue technology while others will transition from earlier Tsunami based technology throughout This state-of-the-art sound decoder will provide all the pleasures of high-quality, digital onboard sound and the benefits of DCC technology.

Beginning in lateBachmann Spectrum locomotives that are ordered with DCC come equipped with a SoundTraxx Mobile Decoder that has a pin plug and a speaker already installed. Bachmann also sells a separate sound module to plug into the pin connector. The sound module and the mobile decoder plugged in together act the same as the Tsunami found in the released Spectrum models. Spectrum Quick Start Guide. EM-1 J Class K4 USRA Decapod.

USRA This decoder offers many great features that SoundTraxx customers have come to enjoy, including: Hyperdrive technology, two Hyperlight-equipped lighting outputs, three selectable horns or whistles, true polyphonic sound with prototype-specific prime movers or exhaust chuffs. Sound Value Quick Start Guide.

Class J GS-4 SP ALCO S PCC Trolley. Your new locomotive can be controlled using an ordinary power pack, though its operation will be a bit different than when running locomotives that do not have a decoder installed. When operating in DC: When operating in DC analog modebe careful not to exceed the maximum input voltage of 27 volts. If your track voltage exceeds 21 volts, the sound decoder will shut down and the headlight, backup light, and board-mounted LEDs will flash 10 times to protect the decoder.

When you see this condition, shut down the throttle immediately. While the Tsunami has a great many adjustments than can customize the sound and operation to your needs, you will need the use of a NMRA-compliant DCC Command Station for most of these changes. Short addresses have a range of while long addresses have a range ofThe address on your decoder can be changed on either the programming track in some cases you will need a PTB programming track booster available from SoundTraxx or on the mainline.

DCC and Operation Demo: Bachmann Spectrum HO USRA Decapod NYSW 2443

The Dynamis system will not require a PTB Changing the address using a Bachmann E-Z Command When attempting to change the address on a locomotive equipped with Tsunami technology using a Bachmann E-Z Command, simply select that locomotive address 3 if new out of the box and run it for a short distance to acknowledge that the engine is selected. Next, simultaneously press and hold down button 3 and the stop button for 3 seconds then release them together.Bachmann Industries Bachmann Brothers, Inc.

Founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniathe home of its North American headquarters, Bachmann is today part of the Kader group, who model products are made at a Chinese Government joint-venture plant in DongguanChina. Bachmann's brand is the largest seller, in terms of volume, of model trains in the world. Bachmann is the producer of the famous railroad village product line known as "Plasticville.

Founded in by Henry Carlisle, the company originally specialised in vanity products such as parasol handles and Spanish combs made of ivory horns. Its target market was aristocracy in the American South and Louisiana.

Spectrum Series HO Steam

After the Civil War it continued to make other types of hair ornaments and handles for walking canes now out of Tortoise shell and ivory. In Carlisle's firm merged with a competing firm run by Henry G. Bachmann and changed its name to Bachmann Bros. By Bachmann Bros. It was around this time that Bachmann Bros.

Inshortly before they moved to their final Philadelphia address, they became the first American manufacturer of sunglasses. Repeating Arms Companyand Stein Eriksen ski goggles. Because of the sudden popularity of N scale model railroading aroundBachmann entered the trains market by starting its N scale trains products in June[3] with cars packaged in white jewel cases.

Bachmann Bros. In Bachmann introduced the "Spectrum" line of higher quality equipment, including updated motors, more realistic paint schemes, and better detail. The initial offering was a GE 44 Ton Diesel. InBachmann introduced their Spectrum H0 scale Consolidation, which was selected "Model of the Year" by the readers of Model Railroader magazine.

On30 Model Train Locomotives

In recent years, Bachmann has begun phasing out the Spectrum brand, moving most of the products in the line to the Standard Line. In Bachmann started to produce large scale also known as G Scale or garden scale train sets called the Big Haulers.

They were first introduced in sets consisting of a locomotive, one or two freight cars and a caboose, Set was the first set. The locomotives were battery powered and were radio controlled. Since the early years Bachmann introduced a high quality line of prototype In Bachmann purchased the Williams Electric Trains company, which has allowed the company to expand into the O scale market.

Williams offers a more "traditional" train layout reminiscent of the s, with diesel engines, and rolling stock similar in look to the same O gauge products introduced by Lionel Trains during the golden ages of model railroads. Steam engines include semi-scale and scale representations, and their classic scale "Hudson" engine is a beautiful, high quality, die-cast engine offering terrific performance and value.Founded in by Henry Carlisle, his Philadelphia-based company originally fashioned horn, ivory, and tortoise shell into Spanish combs for the Southern aristocracy.

The company diversified into other hair ornaments and umbrella handles after the Civil War. Inthe firm merged with a competing company operated by master carver Henry G. Bachmann and his son, Walter J. Adapting to changing times, in the company began using a new material, celluloid, to manufacture eyeglass frames. After Henry G. Bachmann's death inthe company changed its name to Bachmann Brothers. InBachmann Brothers moved to more spacious headquarters at East Erie Avenue, Philadelphia, where it remains to this day.

It continued to specialize in injection molding and was the first American company to manufacture prescription sunglasses. During World War II, the company manufactured products to support the war effort including sunglasses for U. Army and U. Army Air Force personnel along with protective eye devices and submarine battery caps. The growing company came under the control of J. Crowther, nephews of the Bachmanns. In the post-war years, its product line included Birds of the World Model kits, shooting glasses, and ski goggles.

These easy-to-use snap-together kits of buildings proved to be an immense hit and became must-have accessories for electric trains. Bachmann continued to diversify in the '60s and '70s, including among its many ventures slot cars, toy airplanes, plastic animal sets, robots, and cassette cases. As model railroading became more popular, the company supplied everything from trains to scenery to whole villages, eventually turning to Kader Industrial, Ltd for manufacturing support.

Founded in in Hong Kong, Kader was established to produce models and toys for export. Starting inKader made the first model trains for Bachmann, and the two companies worked hand in hand to create quality model railroading products for the discerning hobbyist. Kader acquired Bachmann from the Crowthers in and renamed it Bachmann Industries. Kader has grown to become the world's largest manufacturer, by volume, of model railroads. Bachmann Industries continued to lead the way in innovative model railroading.

Now in our third century, we continue to adhere to our founder's vision of providing fine craftsmanship at affordable prices while striving to bring our customers the variety of choices and innovation guaranteed by the Bachmann name. History of Bachmann Industries Founded in by Henry Carlisle, his Philadelphia-based company originally fashioned horn, ivory, and tortoise shell into Spanish combs for the Southern aristocracy.Prices subject to change.

This warranty does not apply to any other persons or locations. Bachmann's Lifetime Limited Warranty covers motorized motive power units only. Under the warranty, Bachmann can decide whether to repair or replace an item at their discretion. Items less than a year old are fully covered and will be serviced or replaced at no charge when accompanied with registration card and proof of purchase. Items less than a year old are fully covered and will be serviced or replaced at no charge when accompanied with proof of purchase sales receipt.

bachmann spectrum locomotives

User modification to units voids the product warranty. Note: even if in original packaging, units purchased at flea markets, railroad swap meets, garage sales, online auctions of previously owned products, and similar venues are NOT covered by this or any other warranty. Contacting Service Before returning your product for repair, please fill in the repair request form: Registering your repair request and product return online ensures faster repair process and emailed notifications of the process Also before returning your product syou must remove any customer-installed DCC decoders.

Failure to remove a customer-installed decoder will automatically void the warranty. Warranty Information Effective Customer Service for all scales can be reached toll free by US and Canadian customers at or Fax at Selected parts are currently available for sale online Here.

Please browser by scale to see if we have what you're looking for; if you can't find what you need, contact our Service Department for more information.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Bachmann Industries Is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was founded in Bachmann offers an extensive line of locomotives, train sets, track, rolling stock, structures and accessories.

Bachmann's Spectrum line of finely detailed locomotives and rolling stock available in the four popular scales offers high-quality products at affordable prices. Williams by Bachman includes Traditional Line O gauge trains as well as the Golden Memories series that reproduces the iconic trains of the postwar era for today's hobbyist, built to pass on to future generations. Bachmann's Plasticville U. Walthers, Inc. Corporate Office and Store Address. In the interest of maintaining the safest environment for our employees and our customers: Our local showroom is temporarily closed to the public.

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